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Hello. I’m Niranjan,

Multidisciplinary UX UI designer with ton of superpowers.

Currently, working as UX Designer at Thermo Fisher Scientific creating thoughtful yet intuitive designs serving science and pushing difference in the world. I also help people experience hand-crafted products and digital content.


My superpowers that I can help you with.

Communicate with your users on the platforms they prefer - my powers have got you covered.

User Research

Mobile App Design

Front-end Development

Photo & Video Editing

UX/UI Design

Quantitative Usability Testing

Graphics Design

Logo, Print & Branding Design

I’ve been designing for over 6+ years building products that connect people with brands.


I love taking a laser focus approach in handling any projects, uniting your business goals with the ideas to meet the user needs thereby creating awesome designs.

I'm a self-taught UX & UI Designer from Bangalore, India with more than 6 years of work experience. Currently working as UX designer in Thermo Fisher Scientific. I love to design which along with other acronyms gives me the superpower to create compelling user experiences, intuitive interfaces, and an engaging audience. I work to the principle that simple is beautiful, while carefully including the finest details and interactions.

Having gained hours of knowledge engaging in a wide range of projects, I’ve established a clear focus on an interactive and refined design process. A process that always starts by listening first, to discover and define user problems through research. Then develop a strategic approach to solving them one by one, rather than just a beautiful surface. Quickly testing, optimizing, and deploying for use on time.

Also, I am confident in my practical experience obtained through working with clients ranging from small to global companies, and brands to multi-level startups, including Hustl Fit, Staylia, Cravys, Flexirentals, Taskspace, Nordetect, RentSher, and Kiwizo. The focus of my work varies ranging from user experience and interfaces, qualitative user research, web design, mobile app design, graphics design, frontend coding & video editing.

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